CeaMuS Update

April 17, 2006

CeaMuS has a new release pending that's fairly exciting for me, and hopefully for you too, as my hopefully loyal readers (both of you).

The next version fixes a host of bugs (<a href="http://www.ceamus.com/cgi-bin/trac/rptview?rn=4">Open Tickets</a>) and adds an important new feature. Ticket #7, while not officially closed just at this moment, is actually resolved in code. Two tickets, #12 and #13, need to be addressed before a final release.

The weblog management features of ticket #7 are particularly interesting to me. For one thing, they probably mean that this weblog will be moving to the CeaMuS site. After all, it's very hard to justify maintaining a second site when my own site will be perfectly capable of maintaining this weblog, and it will also be easier for my customers to access.


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